February 2018: The Crucible Closes & You Go To My Head Opens!

The Crucible at Longstreet Theatre closed this past weekend. Kimberly received positive reviews for her portrayal of Mary Warren!

Mattie Hibbs of the Daily Gamecock writes: 
"I was especially impressed with the portrayal of Mary Warren by Kimberly Gaughan, who carried herself gently but spoke bluntly and in an unconventional manner that set her apart from the other women. She is perhaps the only character worth rooting for, which is a necessity in such a dense show. "

Local theatre critic August Krickel writes:
"Also noteworthy is the performance of Kimberly Gaughan as simple, easily-intimidated Mary Warren... Mary's testimony is critical in determining who is telling the truth in Salem, and the moment when the formerly naive teen realizes how to play the game, and how to reach an unspoken deal with Abigail, is chilling."

This coming weekend, the University of South Carolina MFA class will present Where the Roots Take Hold, an evening of thesis solo performances. Kimberly will premiere her new one-woman show, You Go to My Head. 

The Daily Gamecock ran a feature on the upcoming performance, in which Kimberly is interviewed. You can find the whole article HERE.

The run starts this Sunday February 18 at the Center for Performance Experiment. Admission is free.