EQUIVOCATION Closing Weekend!

Equivocation closes this weekend at the United Parish in Brookline. Don’t miss your last chance to catch Kimberly this amazing production.

photo by Nile Scott Shots

photo by Nile Scott Shots

Shrewdly observing and commenting on it all is Shag’s daughter, Judith (Kimberly Gaughan, excellent), who enjoys tweaking her father by reminding him of precisely how many people he has killed in his plays.” - Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

Shagspeare’s daughter, Judith (Kimberly Gaughan), is a wonderful addition to the ensemble. We see Shagspeare struggle with being a father and we get some great dark humor and snarky jokes about Shakespeare’s works, delivered in soliloquies, asides, and mutters. Although the audience at the preview performance was small, genuine laughter frequently echoed off the rafters.” -Alexandra Sourakov, The Tech

However, one of the finest moments was with the amazing Kimberly Gaughan as Shag's daughter Judith, when Shag is able to reconnect with her and see that her value in his life was just as important as his dead twin son's value.” David Tompkins, Broadway World

“The cast, directed with agility and wit by Christopher Edwards, is alive and cracking, especially… {Kimberly] Gaughan as Judith a young woman with much to say but is little heard…” Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices

This quatrain of masterful actors is supported ably and effectively by Kimberly Gaughan as Shag’s beset daughter Judith, always having to play catch-up with the memory of her dead twin brother Hamnet…Boston Arts Diary


Equivocation runs through this Saturday November 10 at the United Parish in Brookline.